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Thursday, August 03, 2006

HELP! My AIR PLANT is dying

Ever feel like pulling your hair out because NOTHING you do is working and your Tillandsia is dying anyway?

I have. One species in particular, Velutina is my nemesis. I have tried different locations, different watering schedules, daily administrations and ignoring it. I cannot keep Velutina in stock.

So what is my advice? First line of treatment would be to soak the leaves, not the stem itself, by placing it upside down in a bucket with vitamin b restorative added to the water. Leave it for the day, then place it in bright light and leave it alone. If its above 50 degrees and below 90 degrees, place it outside in mottled sunlight. This can be accomplished by placing in a tree, around (or under) other plants, hanging near a window on a screen porch, etc. Then only mist it well from then on until it starts to grow new growth or perks up. Once a plant starts to die, less
hands on is always better.

If that doesn't work then make note of the type of plant it is and order the opposite type from then on. For instance, if the brachy's (thin leaf) aren't growing well in your area, order the thick leaf air plants like Streptocarpa Mini X or Recurifolia or vice versa. Also if your bad about your watering schedule, always opt for the thicker leaved, silvery plants. These plants do much better with less water.

Visit Air Plant City to read about individual plants or other care questions. Also email me your questions and I will
be happy to help in any way I can.


purplewitches said...

i need some help too,
my plant is dying and i don't know why
the stem turns black and when i touch it, it's like nothing inside it anymore
last week i keep watering it, but i think that's a bad idea
What should i do
can you please send me and email
Thank you so muchh

shrey said...

if you don't have it somewhere it can dry in 4 hours (fully. example: don't water at night, it is more likely to get rotted, have somewhere where there is enough air flow)